Different Types of Football Betting

If you’ve ever wondered how to bet on a football game or what the best way is to make money from it, this post will give you a rundown of some significant facts about football bet mm. Here, you will get to know about the difference between outright bets and handicap bets, as well as tell you why punters choose one over the other so often. Below you will find different types of football betting.


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Football betting is a form of sports betting where you bet on the outcome of a football match. In this case, you don’t need to pick out every single game in a season to make your winnings. Instead, you can take part in several matches simultaneously and bet on the outcome of each one separately.

  1. Handicap Betting

It is the most brilliant way of betting on football matches. It involves making bets on both teams to cover the spread. The spread is a number that will tell you by how many points an underdog team must lead on its rival to make you win your bet. For example, if the spread for a match is 2.5 goals, it means that the underdog team has to win by three or more goals for you to come out victorious. You can also make bets on the handicap, which is the number of goals or points added to the total of a team with significant advantages over its rival.

  1. Outright Betting

Outright betting is another popular way to bet on football matches. In this case, you pick out a team and bet on their win or a draw. Even though it’s not as straightforward as outright betting, you should consider that it’s much more difficult to make money through this method. Still, if you pick the right team, chances are you might do pretty well.

  1. Match Betting

This type of betting is a combination of football outright betting and handicap betting. You bet on the outcome of a match and rely on the scoring margin. Instead of just relying on one team to win or draw. In this case, you can also choose from an array of different football betting odds. There are plenty of bookmakers that offer these kinds of bets.

  1. Betting on Bonus Goals

If you fancy placing some extra money on the outcome of a football match. You can bet on the number of goals that will be scored. The team that scores more goals will have an advantage and win over its rival. It is probably one of the easiest types of football betting as it doesn’t require any calculation to be made.       Moreover, these types of bets are also easy to understand for most people as they are based solely on numbers.

These are the most common types of football bet myanmar that you can experience once you connect with this betting world.